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Monday, August 16, 2010

Butterbean's room update!

   I am so excited!!  Today I came home to the cutest curtains you have ever seen hanging in Dunkin's room.   I knew what they were going to kinda look like, but I had no idea how great they were going to look!  I have included some pictures of his room.  The chair still looks yellow for some reason, but it is actually green.   Also,
the bench and toy basket are going to be recovered.  I had to wait for the curtain lady to finish with his curtains, so I can use the left over from the topper to make the covers.  Other than some accessories that are missing, his room is pretty much complete!  Also, I have washed all his clothes that we have, so we are ready for him to arrive (well in a few of weeks).

    This last picture is a picture of the new shower curtain in Dunkin's/ guest bathroom!

Other than all the new developments in Dunkin's room, we don't have much to report.  We saw the dr last week.  Our OB group has you rotate in order to allow you to see each doctor in the group.   Last week, was the last doctor for us to see in the rotation.  The doctor we saw last week said everything looked great.  He said that Dunkin has moved into a good position for delivery, but he feels like he will not be coming anytime soon.  We will see Dr. Lacy again next week, so we will be excited to see how she thinks everything is going.  I will be switching to Heparin in about a month, so that will be our next step in the process.   One more piece of good news.  I have had some trouble with Dunkin and my sciatic nerve.  It still bothers me, but I am not having anywhere close to the pain I was having a couple of weeks ago!  I really noticed the difference tonight at Zumba.  I didn't feel like I looked so awkward!  

Dunkin 4D!

*This is a post from a few weeks ago that never got posted.  I had some technical difficulties with the video.  After many tries, I figured I would just go ahead and post it now. 

Last week, I went to Birmingham to see my mom's side of the family. My aunt and cousin were coming through on their way back from golf camp in Atlanta. On Thursday night, we all got together at my mom's brother's house to enjoy dinner together. It was so fun to see everyone. It has been a while since we have seen each other, so enjoyed catching up on trips and happenings for everyone. Even Lawson made it back from his summer internship in Virginia just in time to enjoy dinner with us. One funny story, Ashton couldn't make it due to being locked inside work. Apparently, they had changed the locks that day and when Ashton went to let himself out after closing up the store he was locked inside. He had to call the store owner and they had to get a locksmith to come let him out. Funny story for sure, but we did miss him at dinner!

An additional perk to attending the family dinner is that my mom convinced my uncle to let us come for a 4D ultrasound. It was so fun to see the Butterbean in 4D! Unfortunately, he was only a little cooperative. In order for it to work, you have to have a certain amount of fluid around the place you want a picture. Dunkin had decided that it was finally time for him to turn around and be head down in my belly. This is something that we want him to do, but it would have been helpful if he had waited until this week to make his flip! Being head down was not the main problem. The main problem is that Dunkin had his face pressed up against the uterus wall. There is not so much fluid in this spot! We did get a few good pictures in 4D, and we got to see him moving around in the 2D as well.  Below is the video of Dunkin.  It goes back and forth between 4D and 2D.

*Unfortunately, the video would not load.  Oh well!

     The other exciting thing that we did last week was pick up our furniture for Dunkin's room.  The room was painted the week before, so I was anxious to get our furniture into the room.  Our sweet friends Bain, Kellie, and baby Ross came to help us put it all together.  It is so fun to finally have a room that looks like a baby is coming to live in it!  Below are some picture from his room.  In these pictures, it is only his new furniture.  There are some pieces that we haven't moved back into the room yet.  Also, none of the accessories are in the pictures.    Oh and the chair kind of looks yellow in the picture.  It is actually a really pretty green color.  I love my new furniture!  I cant wait for Dunkin to get to use his room!