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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet Baby Dunkin

 We are home and doing great!   We got to come home Monday, and we have really enjoyed having our little family together at home.  I have so much to say about the past few days, but I think pictures are the best way to share all the joy we have been experiencing since Dunkin came into this world.  (We have only taken 848 pictures!)
Ready for the 4th Quarter (Clint and my dad related the labor process to both football and baseball.)

Welcome sweet Dunkin

Daddy loves you so much

1st family picture

Ready for the Alabama Game...We hope for a better outcome this week!

Playtime with mommy and daddy at the hospital


Peaceful sleeping

So excited!

Going Home

Going Home

In the driveway

Welcome Home Dunkin

Sweet Little Feet

I love my moses basket

Grylls talking to Dunkin

Grylls is really funny!

Hate to see LeLe leave

First bath at home

First trip to the doctor

Enjoying the beautiful weather

Silly Boy

I love outside
Checking out the strawberry blonde hair

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We might have to wait another day...

Dunkin, much like his mother, has decided that he will live life on his own schedule!  Apparently, he didn't really agree with the plans we had for his arrival.  So, we have stopped the Potosin for tonight.  It is still possible that I may continue in labor on my own overnight tonight.  Since they have stopped my medicine, I have actually had an increase in the intensity of my contractions.  I have been having good contractions all day, but the intensity of the contractions have not be that bad.  So, I have not really progressed that quickly.  Dr. Lacy feels confident that tomorrow will be much better.  She thinks my cervix will be more prepared for the medicine in the morning.  I guess Dunkin just wanted to be born on the 8th instead of the 7th!  We will update everyone tomorrow.  Hopefully, we will have a picture.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're at the hospital!!!

Well, the time has finally come!  We are at the hospital preparing for sweet Baby Dunkin to make his appearance!  We came in tonight to so that I could safely come off my blood thinner in preparation for the induction in the morning.  Unless we see a significant change throughout the night, we will be induced in the morning at 6 am.  Clint will keep everyone updated as the Butterbean enters the world!  Until then, enjoy a belly picture from last night and a picture of us leaving for the hospital this afternoon.