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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Fun and a little ER trip!

     Well, let's just say Tuesday proved to be quite the day!  This past weekend we went to Arkansas because Clint was in a wedding for our friends David and Erin.  Erin is from Blytheville, AK, so we got to go visit a place that neither of us had ever visited.   The wedding was beautiful.  Erin and Dave did a great job making the wedding special for both of them.  It was a great representation of both of them.  Here is a picture of us with the sweet couple.  (Please note my every growing belly!)

Of course we had to make our trip beneficial for Dunkin too, so we made stops at the Pottery Barn outlet and Books-a-Million on our trip as well.   Unfortunately for Dunkin, the Pottery Barn outlet was stocked full of girls toys so that trip didnt really benefit him too much!  Books-a-Million turned out to be a much better stop for the Butterbean.    They are having a HUGE sale, so Dunkin got A LOT of books for his collection!!!  If you love books (kids or adults), you need to visit your local Books-a-Million.   This sale is AWESOME!  
      Now for the ER trip.   I have been having some very localized back pain.  It started out mild, so I just figured it was either from riding in the car (I had been to Bham for the 4th and then traveled again to the wedding) or just being pregnant.  Well, Monday afternoon it really started to get bad.  By Monday night, I was having a lot of pain especially when I walked.  Monday night, I could not sleep at all.  Also, I started having a shooting, burning pain down my left leg.  This is the leg where I had my blood clot.  Until this point, the back pain did not affect my left side at all.  I ended up getting into the bathtub during the night because I was so uncomfortable.   So, on Tuesday morning I called my doctor to let her know what was going on with me.   My mom and I both felt like it was most likely my Sciatic Nerve, but due to my past experiences we felt like my doctor should know about this new little issue and I should probably have it checked.  Well, my doctor called and told me to go to the ER so they could check for another clot.  She was somewhat concerned with the shooting pain down my left leg.   I called Clint and got him to meet me at the hospital.   Thus began our long day in the ER!   I would like to mention that when I signed into the ER there was one other person in the waiting area.  This person was actually waiting on someone that was already being seen.   While we were there we learned three important things...1. Everyone in Columbus must take an ambulance to the hospital(one person came in by ambulance for congestion!)  2. If the fire alarm goes off while you are in the ER, you just stay there and about 30 min later someone will come and count to see how many people could possibly be left to burn in the fire.  Oh and the fire alarm will continue to go off the whole time this is happening!   3. If you're pregnant and you go in at 9:50am, you should pack a sack lunch and ask for a catheter because they are not going to feed you or ask if you need to go to the bathroom the whole time you are there!  Finally, at about 2:45, we were given the go ahead to leave the ER.   The good news is there is no blood clot!   Yesterday, we went for a regular check-up.  They checked to make sure that Dunkin was still planning to hang out for a while.  It looks like he is very comfortable and plans to stay in my belly at least for a while longer!   The bad news is that one of two things is happening.  One, Dunkin or something is pressing on my sciatic nerve or two, my scoliosis is being exaggerated because of the pregnancy and causing the low back pain.  Most likely, it is my sciatic nerve.  Unfortunately, the cure is delivery.  So, I guess I will just have to deal for a while.  I have been trying to convince Dunkin to move over a little, but so far this method have been unsuccessful!    Right now, it is not so bad because I can just lie down when my back gets bad, but I do worry a little about going back to school.   It seems to be worse the more moving around I have to do.    The other reports from the doctor are Dunkin's HR was 154 and I am measuring where I am supposed to be for 27 1/2 weeks.  Everything seems to be good!
      I will leave you with a little picture of how much Daisy is loving summer!   This is how she likes to spend her summer.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!  We are so grateful for all of those who have served our country to protect our freedom!