Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

      Well, we have had quite an eventful week and a half.  Last Tuesday, we loaded up and headed to Jackson to see a Maternal Fetal Specialist.   It was fun because my mom got to come with us.  She has seen the Butterbean in pictures, but she has never gotten to see the actual ultrasound.  We got a really good report at our appointment.  The doctor said that everything looked great with the baby.   Also, he felt that plan my OB had put into place was exactly what he would do for the blood clot.  He talked us through his plans and then dismissed us from his care.   It was great to know that my doctor's plans were exactly what the specialist would do too! 
     On Friday, we traveled to Monroeville for Jennifer and Curtis' big wedding weekend.  This weekend had been a long time coming, so we were so excited to help them celebrate!   Every part of the weekend was perfect.  Jennifer looked fantastic and the wedding was beautiful.  Her reception even had a photo booth!    It was lots of fun to hang out with all our friends that we rarely get to see.  Congratulations Jennifer and Curtis!  I hope part 1 of your honeymoon has been so much fun! (side note:  Since Jennifer still has a week left of school, they decided to have a minimoon at The Grand Hotel and then go to Hawaii the first part of June...So Clever!)
       Here are a few pictures of the fun weekend!

The Sweet Couple

                                                                   ADPi Love
      Here is a quick update on the Butterbean.  He is growing, growing, growing!   He has started to make a noticeable appearance in my belly!   Another exciting development, I can now feel him move.   It is really neat to feel the sweet life that is growing inside of me.  I feel great and have a lot more energy then I have in months past.  We are currently in the process of working on a name for the Butterbean.  Clint says that we could just call him B.B. so that he can keep Butterbean as his name forever!  Hopefully soon we will have a name, but in the mean time if you have any suggestions now is the time to speak up!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry that it has been so long since my last post.   Life just got a little hectic there for a while!   This weekend we were able to go to Birmingham to spend Mother's day with my wonderful mother and grandmother!  For those of you who know my mother, we all know that she is truly wonderful.  She has taught me so much in my 26 years of life and for that I am very grateful.  If I can be have as loving, caring, fun, and flexible as my mother the Butterbean will be a lucky boy!   You read that right...the Butterbean is a boy!  We are so excited.  He was kind enough to make it very easy to tell a few weeks ago that he was a boy, and then he was very cooperative this past week as he again made us very aware in our ultrasound that he was indeed a boy.   Not only did he show us his gender very clearly, but he also showed off his acrobatic moves during our ultrasound.  The lady that does our ultrasounds just kept saying, "I think this little boy is going to be an entertainer!"   On Tues., we will go to Jackson to see a specialist.  He will do a comprehensive work up on both me and the baby.  Everyone we have talked to says the best part of this visit is you get to do the 4D ultrasound.  We are excited about seeing the Butterbean up close and personal, and also hope that doctor will be able to confirm that we are taking the right steps to deal with the blood clot.  I will post an update after our visit on Tues.
    The other excitement of my weekend was going to Montgomery for Jennifer's bridesmaid luncheon.   Jennifer looked beautiful as always, and the luncheon was really fun.  It was great to get together with all the bridesmaids and celebrate such an exciting time for Jennifer.  I am looking forward to spending next weekend in Monroeville for her big day.  My dad is especially excited about this weekend because it just so happens to be the same weekend as the To Kill A Mockingbird Play.    My dad loves this story, probably because he and Aticus are almost the same person!   Seriously, he loves the story he even has the movie soundtrack!  I'm just glad he finally gets to go to the play.  Im sure I will have a full update next week on all the weekend's events.    I have to go pick up my dress tomorrow from the alterations place, so hopefully I haven't grown too much since last week!